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Our offer is unique and complete, based on quality experience and professional references that our creative and diversified team acquired over many years of acting in the fields of marketing, film and video production, training on the development of effective communication and commitment to teamwork, promotional campaigns, graphic and web design, branding, music production, photography, event organization and other AV projects.

CEZAM projects are implemented either independently or in cooperation with interested parties from civic, state or private sector. We truly believe in the power and strength of strategic partnerships, and we encourage and strive for them in our work. Once we establish a partnership, we work to build it through new initiatives and projects.

Mission of CEZAM is to use modern production techniques and methods in order to actively participate in promoting civic activism, participatory democracy and social inclusion, with the goal of including citizens, youth and children in economic, social and cultural life of Montenegro, by creating accessible and recognizable art forms through affirmation, improvement and preservation of all human rights and freedoms and natural and cultural heritage of the state of Montenegro.

Vision of CEZAM is the highly developed civic, multi-ethnical and multi-confessional society in Montenegro that will enable all its citizens to live a life of freedom and dignity, nurturing and developing universal human values so that the atmosphere of equal opportunities, developed civic and ecological awareness and social responsibility can be created.

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